Hayabusa Flex Fight Shorts White - M
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The new Flex Fight Shorts are made from a Super Stretch Fabric and feature the innovative X-Shaped stretch gusset that is designed to move with you as you do.


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When we built the Flex™ shorts, we started by taking things away. Things that fighters have told us they don’t want in their fight shorts. For starters, you won’t find any hardware on the shorts. Things like eyes, exposed laces, metal loops and rivets are out. You don’t need them weighing you down. We also took away all the Velcro. Some guys like Velcro, but let’s face it; for some, it’s a source of chafing and can lead to skin abrasions when you’re rolling on the mat.

So what were we left with? How about the world’s most comfortable fight shorts! They’re ultra-lightweight so your maneuverability is limitless. The extreme stretch fabric moves with you, not against you. Finally…a fight short that doesn’t feel like your old man’s fight short.
Because the last thing you want to be thinking about in the cage is your fight short.

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